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English Course

English Course

Leading Professional Foreign Language Training Institution in Bangalore: Business English:

Specialized program targeted towards working professionals as well as the people who want to build a successful career.

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Every day are you faced with situations at work where you are not sure of how to behave or react? Yes, today with evolution of technology the ways of working of a modern office has changed and to manage difficult situations with confidence, one need to aware of what is appropriate behavior in office. Corporate life was simpler in the 80’s and 90’s as everything was set and standard. However, now with the increasing trend of casualization in the society we are left a bit unsure of how to behave. It’s not just about being nice or disciplined. It is much more than that.

How do I address my seniors / Clients? What is casual Friday dressing? Why does my colleague not appreciate what I say or look distracted while I make a presentation? How do I participate in meetings? How to write an appropriate professional email? When is it appropriate to shake a hands?

If these are some of the questions you face then you have found the right programme, as we shall be answering all the above and many more questions that you have had for quite some time now but not known whom to ask.

Important aspects we cover in this Professional English Course.
  • How to write Professional emails?
  • How to conduct and meetings?
  • Making Business Presentations.
  • Art of Introduction.
  • Being aware of your speaking and listening style.
  • Art of conversation.
  • Learn how to dress and groom for success.
  • Know more about effective body language in Business; Postures, Gestures, Handshakes, Eye contact and personal space.

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