At IITE we are committed to recruiting trainers that are best suited for the job. A team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals, including native speakers, provide language and communication training in different languages. They are trained by IITE to design and conduct challenging, but always entertaining and enjoyable lessons in a relaxed manner.  
  Guided by the high quality ideals and uniform teaching principles of IITE International, they are free to shape their training programs in accordance to the requirements of each individual in their class. This allows them to offer customised solutions that are closely aligned with the needs of each individual, while simultaneously keeping the overall training objective in mind.  
  The fact that IITE instructors come from diverse professional backgrounds (all we look for in the individual is impeccable language skills; Preferably with a language teaching certificate) gives us an edge while designing our training programs in terms of better grasp of the participants’ training needs thus resulting in highly effective courses.